On Friday night, a giddy Amy Poehler told David Letterman about trying, and failing, to act cool around the President at the WHCD. But everything changed the next day when Obama bestowed upon her his greatest honor: the Presidential fist-bump.

Anyone who followed Amy Poehler's tour of the talk-show circuit promoting Parks And Recreation last spring could have been forgiven for thinking Amy didn't seem quite like herself. She was still Amy F-ing Poehler and therefore funnier than 99% of talk show guests, but she wasn't the manic ball of energy we've grown to expect. Something was a little off, a little subdued, and it was easy to figure out what that was: coming off of a seven-year run on Saturday Night Live with a new baby and a new sitcom for which expectations were ridiculously high, the poor woman was probably completely exhausted.

So it was good to see Amy looking relaxed, gorgeous, and even giggly on Letterman on Friday night. With Parks And Recreation renewed for a second season and nothing immediate to promote, Amy got to sit back and shoot the shit, confessing that she finds Mommy And Me classes with her son, Archie, terribly boring and the young men who run them so young that "They're probably so hungover!"

But the best part came when Amy, who couldn't contain her childlike joy, told the story of meeting President Obama recently along with her husband ("my plus-one") Will Arnett. After explaining that she has social anxiety (OMG: Just Like Us!) and has trouble in crowds, Amy detailed her strategy for impressing the President during his brief walk-through at the Correspondent's Dinner: she tried to hang back in hopes that Obama would be enchanted by the one person in the room who was ignoring him. And when that failed, she marched up and pulled on his sleeve. But all her embarrassment was worth it, John Hughes movie style when Amy the lurky nerd got her popular-guy fist-bump in the end. Clip above.