Amorous Donkeys Reunite After Prudish Complaints Tore Them Apart

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True, horny love can never, ever be stopped.

Just look at what happened to a pair of love struck donkeys in Poland. Napoleon and Antosia are two donkeys who basically live to eat, sleep and fuck at their home at a zoo in Poznan. And much like passionate Russians in a fountain, they DGAF who sees them going at it. That proved to be too much for some anti-donkey sex Polish pearl- clutchers, who demanded the zoo separate them. HOW COULD THEY RIP THIS BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL LOVE APART?


According to donkey sex experts at the New York Post, people even found a local politician to take up their cause. (I can't believe I just wrote that.) Conservative Lydia Dudziak put pressure on the zoo to move the pair to separate pens. I have obtained a secret video recording of what happened when the pair was forced apart; you can watch it here, but I do warn you it is absolutely heartbreaking.

The interruption of the long-standing romance turned into a national news item in Poland in the past days. Nearly 7,000 people signed a petition to have them reunited. Two fan pages appeared on Facebook devoted to their cause, with a total of nearly 10,000 likes — and photos of donkeys in the act.

Experts weighed in, saying the separation could hurt their psychological wellbeing. Politicians were asked about it on the country's leading news programs.

Politicians were talking about two donkeys fucking. This is my Christmas present, world. "Animals separated by sex into different cages? It's complete idiocy," said Stefan Niesiolowski, of the Civic Platform.

On Thursday, zoo officials finally moved Napoleon and Antosia back into the same pen. Think of this moment the next time you hear a devastating story of divorce or when your child comes to after experiencing their first bad breakup and asks you, with tears in their eyes, "Is love dead?" No, sweetheart. No it is not.

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