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America's Gone Snuts For The Snuggie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Stories in the Washington Post and U.S. News & World Report mean the Snuggie is big time. But when my friend Workhorse decided he wanted to have a Snuggie party, he ran into some issues:

Workhorse had an idea to order a bunch of Snuggies, invite people over and have everyone decorate them. The following is the IM chat we had regarding his phone call to the manufacturers of the Snuggie:

dodai: ok so what happened? you called the snuggie people?
workhorse: yes i called the snuggie people and after hitting 0 about 15 times to the recorded woman
workhorse: it prompted me to call another number!
workhorse: i waited on hold for 20 minutes.
workhorse: there was severe classical hold music playing
workhorse: a woman picks up and sneezes
dodai: oh dear
workhorse: i say, gosh are you sick?
workhorse: she says: it's really cold in here
workhorse: i say, do they give you all snuggies to wear
workhorse: she says: no.
dodai: HA
workhorse: so i ask what the snuggies are made out of, because i want to iron-on some iron ons on them…
dodai: haha
workhorse: and she says they’re made of "thick luxurious fleece."
workhorse: and i say yeah, i know, but is it like, a poly cotton blend?
workhorse: she says: hold on. i’m on hold again. she comes back and says "it's thick luxrious fleece."
dodai: haha
workhorse: so then i say that i'm looking to buy about 50 snuggies 'cause i want to make the united states of snuggie, because there's not red snuggies and blue snuggies, there's the united states of snuggies
dodai: omg. what did she say?
workhorse: nothing. so i say that i know that it's $7.95 to ship each snuggie, and that the PO box is in connecticut and i was wondering if i could just drive to the snuggiefactory and pick ‘em up and save whatever 50 times $7.95 is.
workhorse: she says: hold on.
workhorse: she comes back and says: no.
dodai: so wait. did you order snuggies or not?
workhorse: no! she also said the shipping time is like six fuckin weeks, so it’ll be SPRING before we get the fuckin snuggies.
workhorse: we're gonna feel stupid and i'm gonna have like $1000 tied up in snuggies.
dodai: but what about the snuggie party??
workhorse: i got two on eBay.

Meanwhile, Richard from Gawker sent me the following message:

The Slanket is the original. I'm told.

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