American Vandal Is Coming Back for a Second Season, Possibly Without Dicks

Is there room in your heart for more TV? Your answer to this question is irerlevant, because Netflix wants you to make some room, damn it—American Vandal is coming back for a second season in 2018.

Netflix has renewed the series for a second, eight-episode long season, with the executive producers and show-runners of the first season still on board, Variety reports. The first season of American Vandal focused on the intrepid student documentarian Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) investigating the very serious question of whether or not doofy senior Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro) spray-painted 27 hot pink dicks on the cars of faculty members during a day off.


The trailer for the new season is nothing but a teensy teaser, but per Variety, Tyler Alvarez will be reprising his role as Peter, bringing his crackerjack investigative skills and considerable budget to another school, with a different group of students, to investigate yet another petty-ass high school drama with a camera crew.

What could they look into that would be as entertaining as a very long, flaccid, penis joke? “Who drew the dicks?” has a nice ring to it, but I’m curious to see with what they come up next. Much like its inspiration, Serial, I hope the second season doesn’t suck!

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How and why? And is it any good? I am fresh out of things to watch/read and I’m feeling a little sad about that.