American Titocracy

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Over the weekend, moms freaked out over a Motrin web ad about the social pressure to "wear" your baby in a sling. Twitter power got the ad taken down, and Motrin issued an apology. Now there's a spoof ad — done in the exact same style, but about getting a boob job. Motrin will be there for you as your new, humungo knockers make your back ache! Click pic to see embedded clip. [AdRants, AdGabber]

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sarah.of.a.lesser.god (aka Mrs. BrutallyHonestHobbit)

What about if you're born with humungo knockers? Say, a 28DD at age 15? By golly, if I knew about the wonders of Motrin back in 1996, I could have saved myself a painful breast reduction! Why did they have to wait until now to reveal this bazoonga epiphany?