American Ninja Warrior's Badass Female Finalist Has Something to Prove

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Full of excitement about being the first woman to make it to the American Ninja Warrior finals, Kacy Catanzaro spoke to Vulture about why she's so amazing. Stop it, she's blushing!


Catanzaro was very humble about the win, explaining that she wanted to show those who've felt like they can't compete that they can:

Well, there obviously aren't as many women that do the show. I think that has a lot to do with it — that women haven't really been inclined to try out because they don't think it's for them. And also just the fact that no woman has done it, it makes it feel unreachable to some women. You know, like, oh, no woman's ever done it so obviously I can't do it. Instead of thinking, no woman's ever done it, I want to be the one to do it, which is the attitude that I took.


Also she hates running, as she should because running is boooooring. Sorry runners, but she's the best.

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Best part of her win: In the post run interview, she turned to her boyfriend who was a top ranked competitor who had already been knocked out before her and said "I couldn't have done this without you." He replied "Yes you could have, but I'm proud to be here with you." I had always thought he was a little douchey but that was a totally perfect response! Also, if you are not watching American Ninja Warrior, it's like, hypnotically watchable for reasons I do not understand.