American Hero's Yearbook Cat Now Joined By Yearbook Chihuahua

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A brave fighter for patriotism, liberty and cats just scored a major win.

Schenectady High School senior Draven Rodriguez is a goddamn American hero, right up there with whatshisface who wrote the thing with the words and that giant octopus who took on British robots in the American Revolution Dance Party Rave 3000. He fought valiantly to have his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth be featured in his official yearbook photo.

Rodriguez recently found an ally in his triumphant quest—Schenectady High principal Diane Wilkinson. Wilkinson joined Rodriguez and Mr. Bigglesworth for a new photo shoot with her pet Chihuahua, Vivienne. According to Mashable, the photo will run in the yearbook in a special section, even though Rodrigruez's dream of having the cat photo appear as his photo among regular student pics was tragically shattered:

In a compromise, his cat photo was accepted for a different part of the yearbook, separate from the other student portraits. However, Principal Diane Wilkinson and her chihuahua, Vivienne, found a way to make Rodriguez's photo a whole lot better — by joining in.


Vivienne and Mr. Bigglesworth are both rescue animals, and the photo will appear in the yearbook to raise awareness for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).


Behold the full glory of the American dream, coming true right before your eyes:

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"Mr. Bigglesworth the cat and [Vivienne] the dog were very calm and poised. True pros all the way, the camera loved them!" photographer Vincent Giordano said in an interview with "[Principal Wilkinson] and Draven were so happy to be able to come together with us to bring attention to rescue animals with this portrait session."

America. We did it. We made this happen.

Image via Vincent Giordano/Trinacria Photography


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