Hearing rumors of the new batch of four candidate Cabbage Patch dolls almost makes us nostalgic for the discontinued dolls profiled on Feminist Law Professors. (One assumes that, in the grand tradition of the Cabbage Patch, the toy politicians will resemble nothing so much as fetal pigs in cheap suits.) These include 1975's snappily-dressed "Growing Up Skipper" ("two dolls in one!"); and "Happy Family Midge," whose preggers tummy opens to reveal a curled-up fetus. (Okay, maybe it's supposed to be a baby.) The latter was, unsurprisingly, just pulled from Wal-Mart amid concerns that perhaps the kids were getting enough examples of fun, youthful pregnancy. Although you'd think they'd be pleased Midge has apparently decided to keep the baby, no? [IHT, Feminist Law Professors]