American Coeds Are Majoring In Booze & Bras

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Many parents dream that their little girls will grow up and get into a good college. But these days, college campuses feature alcohol-soaked theme parties where the girls are scantily — or barely — clad. Party 101! According to ABC News, UCLA doctoral student Megan Holmes and a team of researchers reported from inside a total of 66 college parties to see what was really going on. "I had just graduated college so I had seen most of this stuff," Holmes says. "Most shocking to me was that women at themed parties kept dressing less and less. When I was in college there were themed parties, but I never saw girls just wearing lingerie or just a bra and panties, and that was pretty common." Holmes and the researchers were armed with Breathalyzers and surveys, obtaining results on the scene. They found that the more sexualized the party, the more women drank. In fact, the women outdrank the men in those situations.


John Clapp, director of the Center for Alcohol and Drug Studies and Services at San Diego State University, says, "We're not exactly sure why." But Boston University senior Peter True knows exactly why: "They have to be that faded to go out wearing those ridiculous clothes," he says. "They have to drink more if they wear less because they have to lower their inhibitions to be seen wearing that out." Well someone is learning something in school!

Julie Ketchie, another doctoral student researcher, says, "There are these girls walking down the street, and you can see their butts hanging out of their skirts." She notes that it reminds her of Halloween. Everyone knows the appeal of a party. You've been studying, you need to blow off steam, you need to meet people and laugh. But what is the point of theme parties like "Naughty Schoolgirl" or "Lingerie"? Is it just all in good fun? Are they plots cooked up by frat boys to get girls half-naked? Does it allow the women to feel like they're in power, like they have something that guys want? And what lessons do intoxicated women in micro-minis actually learn?

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@hortense: lol. I was a BU girl, but I had a boyfriend (who was a major stoner) so I was all about wearing pj's constantly. Whenever I tread over to Allston I can't help but laugh because everyone is wearing the same thing. If it's winter, $250/pair jeans, Uggs and a North Face fleece. If it's summer, $250/pair jeans cut into a mini skirt or booty shorts, flip flops, and a ratty tank top. so very very strange.