American Apparel's Dov Charney Explains It All For You On SNL

America's favorite sexually-harassing clothier and Gawker Media punching bag, Dov Charney, was the subject of some SNL riffing this past weekend. Dov is being sued for the fifth time by a former employee for sexual harassment, and cast member Fred Armisen slipped into several pounds of fake facial hair so "Dov" could give his take on the charges. As someone who worked for and met Dov on several occasions, I have to say that Armisen's impersonation is pretty spot on, particularly the voice, general cluelessness about his own skeeviness, and the "so sue me!" attitude. The only thing wrong: Dov would never hit on a female over the age of 19. Clip above.


I loved how Amy and Seth could barely contain their laughter. And I especially love Fred Armisen.