American Apparel Rehires Dov Charney as 'Strategic Consultant'

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An independent board committee is still investigating American Apparel founder and ex-CEO Dov Charney for sexual misconduct, yet the company board has hired him back as a "strategic consultant" until the end of the investigation.

In addition, according to the Daily Mail:

The deal also stated five of the seven board members, including Mr Charney, will step down voluntarily. Only Allan Mayer and David Danziger, the current co-chairmen, will remain on a new board. The company said there is an ongoing investigation into the founder's alleged misconduct, which is overseen by an independent board committee.


This is the same Allan Mayer who reportedly misses having Charney around.

Charney's termination was spurred by years of sexual misconduct allegations, including his alleged involvement in allowing another employee to impersonate ex-employee Irene Morales and post nude pictures of her online after she filed a lawsuit against him saying that he made her his "sex slave." It was also motivated by American Apparel's declining fortunes, including its accumulation of over $250 million of debt.

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Ugh, I was actually planning a shopping trip there soon, as I've been resistant for several years and was holding out until they gave Charney the boot. So close!