American Apparel Model Tries To Be Paris Hilton's New BFF

Paris Hilton's My New BFF, which premiered on MTV last night, features 18 contestants competing to stand next to the heiress in pictures and whatever else pretending to like her entails. The idea of the show is that Paris used to play with dolls and that now she "plays with people," so the potential BFFs live in "The Dollhouse" and get tortured in various ways. Not surprisingly, some of the contestants are unabashed fame whores, like Natasha, who actually said to someone at a cocktail party, "Google me." We took her up on that! Our findings after the jump.So Natasha is Natasha Komis, and we're apparently supposed to be impressed by that. The first thing we found was her "official website," and on that we found…


…she's been touched by Dov Charney.

And that she's not into pubes. She's also an aspiring musician. (Just like Paris tried to be that one time two summers ago!)

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