American Apparel Losing More Money; Knock-Offs Are "Scary," Says Fashion

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  • American Apparel's stock sank to a 52-week low yesterday after news that its quarterly loss had widened, and that it had received a de-listing warning from the New York Stock Exchange. What, neon onesies aren't great business? [TS]
  • So, even though Sex And The City 2 is full of expensive shit, as we mentioned yesterday, not everyone is going to go out and spend $50k on an outfit or $800 on some Louboutins. The New York Times walks us through the knock-offs — although to us at least, the prospect of buying a fake version of a style that only was made "real" via the cynical machinations of a creaking Hollywood franchise is almost too depressing to contemplate. We're poor anyway; we don't need to feel poor. [NYTimes]
  • The fashion world, meanwhile, wants you to be afraid — very afraid — of counterfeiting. Booga-wooga! OooOOoo! That fake Louis Vuitton will eat your soul! [Fashionista]
  • And in other fashion/film crossovers, Jonah Hill and Russell Brand are going to be hanging out in the window of the Diesel Fifth Avenue flagship today. [WWD]
  • The sister of the late Anna Nicole Smith's ex boyfriend Mark Hatten tried to sell a selection of Smith's bras and underwear on eBay. The auction site pulled the sale. [TMZ, TMZ]
  • Ikram Goldman, whose Chicago boutique is the source of much of Michelle Obama's wardrobe, and who intercedes on the First Lady's behalf with certain designers, is said to be eying a larger Chicago space that would allow for men's wear and a café. [WWD]
  • Miranda Kerr: "Personally, I believe that women need to be stimulated mentally by the man. It's not necessarily about his looks...It's all about personality, really." She dates Orlando Bloom. [Sun]
  • Iman is replacing Kelly Rowland on Bravo's replacement of Project Runway. Is she brushing up on her presenting skills? "I don't need any tips. I make the tips! I'm just kidding. It's going to be interesting because I've known Isaac for so many years, so being with him is going to be fun." Any other preparations underway? "Yeah, eat less. No, I'm just kidding. Nothing, I've been doing nothing." Oh, to be so effortlessly perfect. [The Cut]
  • Tyra Banks, who "retired" from modeling after the 2005 Victoria's Secret show, has re-signed with IMG. The mega-agency also snagged Ariel Meredith. [Modelinia]
  • This little note about models' mental health problems name-checks Hayley Kohle, Ambrose Olsen, Daul Kim, Ruslana Korshunova, and, of course, Noémie Lenoir. Its conclusion? That the career can be stressful. Certain details — such as that Korshunova died just four days before she would have turned 21 — are set in a very...familiar arrangement. Stay classy, New York Daily News. [NYDN]
  • An auction of 12 watches from celebrities including Jay-Z and Vanessa Williams raised over $800,000 for an AIDS charity. Jay-Z didn't want to part with his, and said beforehand that he hoped the bidding wouldn't get too high. It sold for $220,000. [WWD]
  • Comme des Garçons got the identical twin artist filmmakers Stephen and Timothy Quay to make a short film about their perfume. [DazedDigital]
  • André Leon Talley: "Although I'm a part of it, I think reality TV is a terrible thing. I am a victim of having watched Dancing With the Stars this season." And also, this important message about airplanes: "I personally go to the airport looking like a homeless person, because I think people will leave me alone. But I dress myself with my luggage — all my luggage matches. But it's so humiliating to be searched and strip-searched, and they take away your lotions — you just bought a $15 bottle of Kiehl's, and it's too big; you just never know what you're going to get. So it's better to just go as an anonymous person from Dallas … Now if I were going on a plane with Karl Lagerfeld, I would be dressed to the nines. There are people who have such high standards you don't put yourself in front of them dressed how you'd dress to go down the road to get yourself a smoothie." [THe Cut]
  • Alek Wek, for her part, recommends: "Wear comfy boots or shoes on the plane. Take a shawl sprayed with a favourite scent, in which to wrap yourself. Moisturise." [Telegraph]
  • Caroline Brown is the new president of Carolina Herrera. [DFR]
  • Haider Ackermann, one of Tilda Swinton's favorite designers, is adding men's wear to his repertoire. [WWD]
  • "It has the weirdest compilation of eighties celebrities talking about their bad dates," says Sophie Buhai of Vena Cava. "Like Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo, and then the next chapter is Tom Selleck." OKAY WE NEED THAT BAD DATE BOOK AS SOON AS IT GOES ON SALE. It's like the proto-Crap Email From A Dude. []
  • "In L.A. you have women wearing during the day what New York women wear at night. Also, I think my New York customer may be slightly younger." Erdem Moralioglu, on the differences between East Coast and West Coast style. Whenever we read articles like this, we think about that skit on Mr. Show about the East Coast/West Coast ventriloquist rivalry. [Vogue]
  • Gilles Mendel designed costumes for the New York City Ballet's "Call Me Ben." [WWD]
  • Prices for cotton have risen around 55% in the past year, so expect more expensive clothing — especially at the low end of the market, where margins are smaller in dollar amounts. [WSJ]
  • And yet, keep in mind that clothing prices are pretty much at historic lows, and they haven't risen with the pace of inflation for years. Seasonally-adjusted women's clothing prices fell just over 1%, year-on-year, in the month of April. [WWD]
  • Barneys' announcement that it would open a Barneys Co-op in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, has spurred interest in the area from other higher-end retailers, including Anthropologie and Swarovski. Which makes sense: with its proximity to Downtown Brooklyn and plethora of subway lines, it's not as if Barneys were moving to Park Slope or Greenpoint. Those places can hang onto their mom 'n' pop boutiques for now. [NYTimes]
  • Danielle Vitale, the president of Gucci in the U.S., has announced she is leaving the company. [DFR]
  • Liberty of London might be bought by a private equity firm. [Vogue UK]
  • Polo Ralph Lauren's quarterly profit rose to $114 million. [WSJ]
  • Meet the schitbag! It's the latest fashion accessory, and it looks like those nerdy purses with the separate, external cell-phone pocket your mom carried in the 90s. Must-have for fall, what with minimalism coming back, and everything. [Brandfreak]


MoonCat82 is a nomnivore

i don't get the knock-off problem. isn't coach made in china? aren't the vast majority of clothes, bags, shoes, etc. also made in china/india/vietnam/korea/other countries where worker's rights aren't really protected or respected? everything you buy at target, gap, walmart, old navy, j. crew, kmart, forever 21, express, etc is made that way so why bitch about fancy knock-offs when everything else one is wearing or uses was probably made in the same conditions?

it's crappy when anything is made in horrible, dehumanizing conditions, not just the high fashion knock-offs. i doubt the fashion world truly cares about workers' rights. that whole article came off as completely insincere.