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American Apparel is now selling the Hitachi Magic Wand (aka, the most practical invention since toilet paper or call waiting). I endorse this decision 100%. Seriously, let's make serious vibrators as trendy and acceptable as possible. This makes me think that perhaps Dov Charney does know a thing or two about women's vaginas, other than how to give them severe camel toe. [Street Carnage]


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@stoprobbers: I have a Panasonic back massager that is a real back massager - first, the 2 speeds are waaaay too fast for the other use, and second, the head on that thing is ginormous.

It is an older version of this one: []

Best thing I've ever bought. It is still a sex toy in the sense that if my husband gives me a back massage with that thing, it fixes not being in the mood immediately, but it is so powerful that using it on your thighs will make your vagina unhappy with its strength already.