American Apparel Does What It Does Best — Selling Tat With Tits (NSFW)

American Apparel faces important questions every day. Like, how to stay in business! And how to market an indispensable accessory like a unisex bow tie made from only the finest factory off-cuts. Strangely, the answer always seems to be: Nipples.

You totally would be conned into paying $19 for a bow tie made of whatever was lying around the factory, a bow tie you might wear once, to Barcade, and then feel faintly embarrassed of for the many years it stubbornly subsequently persists in the midden of your closet, like all garments do in inverse proportion to their wearability/cuteness, according to the frustrating law of the sartorial universe that also dictates that your favorite T-shirt always be dirty, after being mesmerized by full-frontal not-even-trying-to-hide double-trouble nipple ad action, wouldn't you? Hypnotized by the naked lady, you'd buy what she was wearing? No? Okay then. New strategy.

Unisex Bow Tie [American Apparel Store]

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