American Apparel CEO Orders Subordinate To Pleasure Herself; She Services Him With Lawsuit

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Perhaps you've heard enough out of American Apparel Chief Executive Onanist Dov Charney. He masturbated in front of a reporter, sleeps with his employees, promotes hot 17-year-olds to replace veterans, took himself public in one of the shadiest entries to the public markets in the history of financial engineering, told the Wall Street Journal the CFO hired to straighten up his finances was a "loser," and generally perpetuates the kind of working environment I'd vilify as the Worst Thing Ever if I didn't kind of respect that he owns the largest remaining clothing factory in the country. Okay, so…he got sued again, this time by three year company veteran Jeneleen Floyd, after going completely batshit in a Perry Edward Smith-esque fit of preordained craziness one day. An eyewitnesses says the catalyst for the outburst appeared to be a combination of anxiety that his L.A. factory would be the target of an immigration raid, and fury over his Wikipedia page, which has since endured quite a few revisions, including a few at the hands of his right-hand woman Iris Alonso. How not to manage people, in a few simple clauses, after the jump. (And yeah, there's sex.)

10. On March 13, Plaintiff was working in her office which she shares with other American Apparel employees. Defendant Charney barged into the office screaming and yelling Plaintiff's name in a loud voice. After he entered the office, Defendant Charney continued to rant and rage at Plaintiff, while wildly waving his arms in a threatening manner. Defendant Charney placed his face in extremely close proximity to Plaintiff's face, to the point that Defendant Charney's spit struck Plainfiff's face, while he continued to repeatedly threaten that he was going to "kick your ass."

11. Defendant Charney repeatedly shouted to Plaintiff that she should be f**king scared" and that if she did not do what he asked, plaintiff needed to resign. Defendant Charney made several references to an interview he had conducted with Jane magazine wherein he had received oral sex from an employee during the course of the interview and the reporter had engaged in masturbation. Defendant Charney sat down and ordered Plaintiff to "pretend to masturbate."

12. Plaintiff continued in a state of shock and terror and refused to respond in any manner to Defendant's demands. In addition Plaintiff was extremely embarrassed and humiliated at being sexually objectified in the presence of her co-workers, including her immediate supervisor, Matthew Swenson.

13. After an extended pause waiting for Plaintiff to respond to his command, and realizing that she had no intentions of complying, Defendant Charney then ordered Mr. Swenson to "pretend to masturbate." As Mr. Swenson complied with his Defendant Charney's instruction, Defendant Charney moved next to him and simulated an oral sex act with him.

14. Shortly after arriving home that evening, Plaintiff received a phone call from her supervisor, Mr. Swenson, who informed her that Defendant Charney had just called him screaming at him and demanding that he call her and instruct her to immediately call Defendant Charney. Plaintiff called Defendant Charney as instructed. Defendant Charney proceeded to launch another verbal tirade at Plaintiff, indlucing such statements as, "I don't give a f**k about you, your dinner or your f**king life, I have thousands of employees. I don't need to waste my time on you." Defendant Charney demanded that Plaintiff immediately work on a project relating to his public profile. Plaintiff complied with his demands which required her to work until almost midnight.


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