American Apparel CEO Dov Charney Calls CNBC Reporter "Dirty" During Prolonged Screaming Fit

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Dear American Apparel CEO Dov Charney,

A lot of people are going to wonder what you were thinking when you agreed to be interviewed by CNBC reporter Margaret Brennan the week before your sexual harassment case went to trial if you were going to throw a tantrum when she told you she'd be asking about it. Even more people are going to wonder why, in light of the fact that your reputation for sexual harassment is likely to be in the headlines for a few more months at least, you chose yesterday to spend the ten minutes following the interview screaming four-letter words at a female news reporter. (She didn't say which ones, but I'm going to venture: "cunt"? "fuck"? And your worst insult: "passe dated un-tastemaking"?) Dov, this lady has no incentive to protect you. Unlike the dozens of attractive, well-intentioned, fiercely loyal women who surround you, she doesn't need you for weed. She doesn't need you for clothes. Most importantly, she doesn't need an association with you to bring her cultural currency because she has no desire to see her image plastered across one of your billboards.


I know it's hard to remember that there are women in the world like that who aren't butch dykes or sexless hippies, but there are. And they're tough, because all though they are generally required to be sexually appealing in order to get anywhere at all, they encounter countless butt-pinching, innuendo-spouting permutations of you along the way.

And yet: they've probably never met anyone quite as brazen and batshit and verbally abusive as you on a cranky day. Even on fucking Wall Street, and that's saying something. Which I can only imagine is the reason this busy anchorwoman chose to take time out to write about your off-camera antics on the company blog: because that is how out of line you are.

Anyway, that's all for now.

P.S.: Love the new jersey dresses!

American Apparel's CEO Charney: "That Interview Was Dirty" [CNBC]



@ninety_nine: Actually, I think it is very difficult to copy AA's model. Even though he's an asshole, Charney is very business savvy and totally knows his operations. If you know the inner workings of the garment industry, you would know that for most mass-produced clothing, there is a very deep divide between who makes the clothes and who designs and markets them. I think it's the rare person who can be successful at promoting his own brand of clothing while simultaneously remain on top of churning out said clothes efficiently at a low cost. It's bascially the only way you can pay people highly yet sell clothes cheaply, by keeping the company vertically integrated (no extraneous costs to the middle man) AND running it with extreme efficiency. Charney really was the first mass clothing manufacturer really implemented the concept that controlling inventory levels and decreasing turnaround time can be even more crucial to the bottom line than paying the employees crappy wages. In his really old interviews, back before he tried to revived the '80's and took a one-way trip to skeeveland, he used to talk about how he compensates for the high cost of the employees by tinkering around with manufacturing operations for maximum output and saving money in the form of faster turnarounds and lower shipping costs. He was also the one savvy enough to see that blank t-shirts are not necessarily commodities, that people will pay more for something even as basic as a t-shirt if they perceive a difference in quality. In retrospect it seems obvious, but none of the big blanks manufacturers really understood that at the time.

To do what AA did, it would take someone who really knows the in and outs of garment manufacture, be a master at just-in-time manufacturing, yet has enough fashion sense to design something that's appealing. I think this combo is pretty hard to find.