American Apparel CEO: Brooke Shields' Eyebrows A Definite "Yes"

A female tipster and American Apparel employee writes to us today, claiming that pervy company head Dov Charney is not only a fascist, he's the worst kind of fascist. An eyebrow fascist!

Here's the copy of "Dov's Newsletter" the tipster received and passed on to us (click to enlarge):


Writes the tipster:

As an American Apparel employee I am appalled at being told how I have to groom my eyebrows. I am also appalled that this rule seems only for women. I love the idea of "made in USA," but i do not love the idea of being told how to wear my eyebrows by a disgusting creep.

Could this be true? Workplace regulations about appearance are common enough — I once worked at a bakery that specified female employees had to wear bras at all times — and especially rampant in retail. That being said, a company with such a history of sexual harassment should probably be wary of instituting gender-specific rules about personal grooming. So, to recap: lacy bodysuits and shiny nylon disco shorts = fantastic women's workplace attire, but eybrows that don't look like Brooke Shields' = wrong.

Adding insult to the critique is the fact that the eyebrows Charney's newsletter highlights as the wrong ones appear to belong to an American Apparel employee. The cropped photo certainly shows what looks to be an American Apparel store in the background. Modeling for the company's in-house Do's and Don'ts — as a Don't — should be above the pay grade of any $8/hr retail slave.


But mostly, it's just galling to think of taking personal care orders from a guy whose tastes in facial hair betrays heavy influence from these guys:

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