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America Ferrera's 'Glamour' Treatment, Revisited

Illustration for article titled America Ferreras Glamour Treatment, Revisited

Left, America Ferrera on the October 2007 cover of Glamour. At right, Ferrera at the Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards on Saturday.


[Emmy Awards image via Splash]

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are we sure she was photoshopped? when i look at the pictures it doesn't seem that obvious - i think the purple dress is much more flattering to her figure - they as well as the stance she is in (her arms are covering the widest part of her hips, and the empire waist is emphasizing the smallest area). It also looks like she is in a body suit for the purple dress (the kind made to minimize and smooth, etc.)...

I could submit two pictures of myself with the same type of apparent difference, based on what i was wearing, and how it was photographed.

I'm not saying its definitely *not* photoshopped though - just that i dont think its terribly obvious if it is. (keep in mind one is a professional photo shoot, and the other is a snap on the red carpet)