Amber Tamblyn Tricked Tyrese into Thinking She Was Amber Rose with Amazing 'Awareness Raps'

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When Tyrese Gibson (of Fast and Furious and Transformers fame) emailed Amber Tamblyn after seeing her email address cc'd on an email from a mutual friend because he thought she was Amber Rose — as in Kanye's ex and Wiz Khalifa's fiance — and asked her to collaborate on a musical project, Tamblyn couldn't help but fuck with him. She did just what he asked: sent him some demos she recorded on her iPhone. And then some more demos, until, as she promised Tyrese via email, "he had "demos comin out ur demos!!" Tamblyn told Street Carnage that she calls her music "Awareness Raps" and that she considers herself "the Hilary Clinton of Ghostface Killahs." Her demos, and the emails she and Tyrese exchanged, which you can read in full here, are just...beyond words.


First, Tamblyn recorded the fun-loving "Splits." ("I'm waking up in the morning, I got curlers in my hair, I'm going to the beach going to eat some eggs I don't give a fuck if that didn't rhyme.")

Next up is a PSA to all the ladies hitting the club tonight, "Dancefloor Etiquette." ("When you're on the dance floor, watch what you ask for, bring your taser, shock them like Major Lazer.")

But then Tamblyn really hits her stride with the political (and relevant!) "Contraception Matters" and "All in Favor" — the latter of which is a rather empowering "open letter to Congress" about reproductive rights.


At first, Tyrese plays it cool via email, telling Amber he "likes the way she thinks," and that they can work on it because he's "sitting on a lot of magic" but it doesn't take long before he loses patience.


"That song was not it … Not even remotely …. Just keepin it real" he writes, before finally challenging her to tell him "something ONLY YOU would know … One night we left what party..? And u dropped me off where..??" to prove that she is really Amber Rose. (Sidenote: it appears that Tyrese's auto signature is "Respectfully," which just makes me so happy.)

Tamblyn added a disclaimer saying, "Tyrese is a very sweet guy with good intentions who made a mistake and I, being an actress and engaged to a comedian, could not help myself. Tyrese, please accept my 87% hearfelt apology for stringing you along. I think we could have made beatufiul music together."


Thank you so much for stringing him along, Amber Rose Tamblyn. You've made my Saturday, if not my entire month.




I'll shove your life in a duffebag,

Hand it over to a sex trafficker and let him smuggle that.

You wanna cuddle, dad?

No, don't touch me

You can't touch me anymore!

I'm so pissed I forgot how to rhyme

I hate you so much I forgot what I was talking about

Who wants to get Mexican food?

Jay-Z do something!

Personally, I think Tyrese passed up a damned good thing here....