Amandla Stenberg Directed a Film and It's Pretty Awesome

Rue is alive and well and making movies! Amandla Stenberg shot, directed and edited this tiny masterpiece based on The Yellow Wallpaper, and it's pretty great. Not only because Stenberg is reading the classics, but because she's so ambitious in her aspirations. What were you doing at 15? (I was eating paste.)

The short, which is classified as a student film, showed up on Vimeo earlier this week and it's worth a watch if you've got 13 minutes and some patience. Sure, it's not the best indie film you'll see this week, but it's nice to know that Stenberg is taking her craft seriously, moving onward and upward from the role she is known most for into a young woman coming into her own in the film industry. Bravo, Amandla! Don't forget us when you win that Oscar.


h/t: The Salad Bowl

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