Amanda Peet Plays Wife To Jason Bateman, Baby

Illustration for article titled Amanda Peet Plays Wife To Jason Bateman, Baby

[Los Angeles, July 2. Image via x17]

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Even though she is gorgeous she looks like hell there, and I love it!

(Full disclosure - I look like hell and I am not as gorgeous as she is. Today I went into the bank and caught a glimpse of myself in the window. I am ginormously pregnant, my hair was all over - like crazy all over, I'm wearing my husbands old wiffle ball t-shirt and holey jeans, sans makeup and a pair of old brown crocs I wear in the garden. I also noticed I had a slightly manic/deranged look on my face - probably due to the fact that FOUR people had taken up TWO parking spots each, leaving none for me. ARRRGH!)

@sageprincess: That show ran here in the UK and I watched it. She was great in it. No one ever knows what I am talking about when I mention it though.