Amanda Palmer Cancels Onstage Interview with Jian Ghomeshi

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Now that nine women have come forward with detailed sexual abuse allegations against former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi, musician Amanda Palmer announced on her blog today that Ghomeshi will no longer be a guest during her book tour. He was due to join her in an onstage conversation in Toronto on November 25. Palmer announced the cancellation without saying anything of substance about the allegations against Ghomeshi, writing only: "Given everything I've learned, and especially given how upsetting it would be to so many, Jian will not be coming to the show in Toronto."

That's a reversal from Palmer's stance earlier in the week: after Ghomeshi posted his incredibly long non-apology to Facebook, claiming he was being persecuted for his interest in BDSM, Palmer shared the post to her own page, saying "of course" he'd still be present for the Toronto show. She took heavy criticism for that, and followed up with a blog post saying she was "still figuring out what to do about this."

As Stereogum points out, Palmer seemed to be leaning on the side of believing Ghomeshi, or at least treating the allegations as something that couldn't quite be unraveled, writing in Facebook comments, "What happens behind closed doors is never knowable" and commiserating on "how hard it is to live in public, whether you're a hero or a villain."


In her post today, Palmer adds, "Listen: I am a woman who has spent a lifetime struggling to be believed myself – for so many reasons. and I am so happy to see a conversation about women and consent taking center stage right now. It means that we are moving forwards." Though she apparently has nothing in particular to say about the alleged violent sexual assaults perpetrated by Ghomeshi, she does have thoughts re: Being Mean on the Internet: "I am *not* happy to see people flinging insults, using violent language and wishing harm on others. when that happens, it means that we are moving backwards."


Palmer is currently re-tweeting people complimenting her on her "thoughtful" decision. It ain't much, but it seems to be about all we can expect here.

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Montauk Monster

Think about how exhausting it must be to be Amanda Palmer, to be so consistently annoying and incorrect. Oh, we all have our awful foibles: some of us have cruel senses of humor, are shitty drivers, are mean drunks. But to be so across-the-board egregious, to carve a statue of yourself atop Mt. Wrong and know that it will be worshiped by an ever-diminsing faction of sycophants, to constantly stake claim to the most dumbass of all possible positions - frankly, I don't know how she finds the time.