Amanda Knox Says Hearing Her Guilty Verdict 'Hit Her Like a Train'

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In a highly emotional interview with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, Amanda Knox said Friday that she would fight her guilty verdict "to the very end," a sentiment she'd shared when it was first announced her case would be retried.


Though some legal experts say Knox's chances of going back to jail are low, others aren't so sure. There are those who believe that the positive support she's received publicly in the U.S. won't be enough to protect her from extradition, while others argue that politically the United States government won't allow her to be given up.

Things are a little more complicated for Knox's ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. After being apprehended by police near the Italian border Thursday, he was told by Italian police he can't leave the country until the guilty verdict is approved by a judge within 90 days. His lawyer says he wasn't trying to flee and Knox says she's incredibly sympathetic to what he's going through. "He is vulnerable and I don't know what I would do if they imprisoned him," she told GMA. "It's maddening."

Knox also wanted to make it clear that she has incredible sympathy for the family of her former roommate who was murdered, Meredith Kercher. She's written them a letter, and in a statement said, "First and foremost, it must be recognised that there is no consolation for the Kercher family. Their grief over Meredith's terrible murder will follow them forever. They deserve respect and support."

Knox echoed that sentiment on GMA, explaining that she didn't think this unjust verdict would help them at all. "I just really hope people look beyond me in this case and look to what has happened, really look at the people, really look at the systems that allow for these things to happen," she said, adding, "I can only testify to what happened to me and hope that people believe me but I think the answers are out there and I really really ask that people try to look for those." Given that this case is known first and foremost by her name and not the name of Meredith Kercher the murder victim or any of the other suspects, that seems like a pipe dream.

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

I know that there's probably not proof beyond a reasonable doubt here. But damn, that woman's body language just jumps out at me every time I see video of her. It reminds me of Casey Anthony, honestly, down to the weirdly inappropriate behavior in the wake of a murder. I can't say that I think she'd be found guilty under an American trial, but I do think she probably at least knew what happened here and hasn't been fully honest about it.