Amanda Knox Gets That Zillion Dollar Book Deal We All Expected

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You probably saw this coming: Amanda Knox, the American student accused and acquitted of murdering her roommate while studying abroad in Italy, has been given a big, fat book deal. So how much will she be paid to have someone pretending to be her write "her side" of the story?


Four million bones. $4,000,000. Four followed by six zeroes. As my uncles might say when they're around my grandma, holy buckets.

According to the New York Times, Knox's book deal started with a "heated," multi-day bidding war and ended with Harper Collins submitting the winning offer. According to the publishing house, the book will be "a gripping account of (Knox's) experiences in Italy."


Even with the stateside media saturation, Knox hasn't spoken much of her experiences abroad. The book will give an opportunity for all of her fans or curious voyeurs to learn all about the real Amanda Knox, aka "Foxy Knoxy" aka "American Satan-Lady" or whatever the Italian press called her.

Knox's Italian ex boyfriend is also shopping his own memoir back in The Boot, but hasn't inked a deal yet.

Harper Collins is said to acquire rights to Amanda Knox memoir [NYT]

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Seriously? Do they really make more than 4 MILLION profit from these types of books? Who buys them? I don't know ANYONE who buys them.

I judge you for buying them, people. So much judgment.