Amal Alamuddin 'Blows Off' George Clooney's Family Reunion

WOW, CAN YOU BELIEVE THE NERVE: according to an exclusive Daily Mail report, Amal Alamuddin "blew off" George Clooney's family reunion in Kentucky — even though his parents literally just got the house repainted — because she had other plans (doing international human rights stuff, saving the world or whatever).

The Daily Mail reports that Clooney's extended family was "disappointed" when he showed up at the reunion without Amal. Says a cousin of George's, "When he came in the front door, I was looking around asking 'Where is she?' ... He explained that she's a lawyer and apparently she's across the sea somewhere working on a case, off saving the world. It was a shame because I would have liked to have met her."


A few days after the reunion, Alamuddin attended the global summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict at ExCeL London, which was probably NOT freshly repainted for the occasion. Smh. The nerve. [Daily Mail]

Alan Cumming, who yesterday picked the absolute worst time to tweet a photo of himself and Terry Richardson grinning and wearing each other's glasses, apologized for doing so: "I had absolutely no idea about the controversy and feel bad for not having been appraised of it." He has since deleted both tweets. [ONTD]


Katy Perry bleached her eyebrows off :( Through what depraved machinations is the Illuminati making this a trend? [Page Six]

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