We love a girl who's consistent and there's no one more predictable than Alyssa Milano, who has seemingly dated half of the guys playing professional baseball. In fact, she's slowly but surely turning into the real-life, Major League version of Susan Sarandon's Bull Durham character, Annie Savoy. US Weekly is reporting that Milano, 34, may be fielding fly balls with Dodgers catcher Russell Martin, 24. Thing is, Milano has made no bones about her desire to start a family, and of all her paramours, it was the one non-baseball playing guy with whom she actually made it to the altar. (In fact, unlike her Bull Durham doppelganger, we're not sure that Alyssa's affairs have done any favors to her baseball-playing boyfriends' careers. But that's for the sports nuts on this site to figure out.) Since then, and through such hotties as Barry Zito and Carl Pavano (Brad Penny doesn't do it for us) Alyssa has suffered one disappointing dalliance after another.


Wait, isn't a definition of 'insanity' when a person keeps doing the same thing hoping for a different result? Maybe if Alyssa really wants to get hitched and start having kids, she needs to move on to the boys in the PGA. They love them some trophy wives and baby-making.

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