Are you neither black, nor Christian, nor a lover of animals? In other words: Have you not be able to participate in our "Past Fashion" posts? This may be your lucky day. Have you ever been looked in the eye by an otherwise loving friend or relative and been told to wear the same dress that nine other girls will also be wearing? The May installment of Past Fashion is all about your best-worst bridesmaids dresses. I have only been in one wedding, my cousin Amy's, and though the dress was "chocolate" (i.e. brown), it was nice enough. (That's me on the left.) But surely you've been subjected to worse forms of bridal torture. And we want evidence! Email your submissions to with "Past Fashion: Bridesmaid Dresses" in the headline, and be sure to include all the gory details. Like the insane "color" of the dress (burnt tangerine! misty aubergine!) and tidbits about drunken groomsmen or bridezillas who made you cry. And don't forget your name (or username), location and date the photo was taken. We'll be accepting submissions until May 18 and want the absolute best of your bridal party worst.