Although one prominent writer at the National Review had the audacity to suggest that Sarah Palin isn't God's gift to the McCain ticket and another went so far as to endorse "that one", the frenzied, near-Sapphic praise for her continues apace. Today, Myrna Blyth defends Palin's statements that poor people needed to take responsibility for the financial crisis by saying, "Frankly, I wish we were hearing more of her realistic assessments and her honesty about future policies," and Blyth's colleague Michelle Easton defends Palin's decision to forego in-depth interviews by saying "Now, with a great debate under her belt and thousands of Americans flocking to her rallies, Palin has stopped wasting time on annoying reporters." For some reason, this keeps flashing before our eyes. [NRO, Daily Beast, NRO, NRO]

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