Allure: Michael Jackson Did Not Have Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Today on Today, an Allure editor discussed an article in the September issue that makes the argument that Michael Jackson didn't have body dysmorphia, but instead altered his appearance because of fallout from treatments of his various medical problems.

For the article, Allure interviewed MJ's own doctors and plastic surgeons, who say that the skin bleaching creams prescribed for his vitiligo weakened the skin and cartilage of his nose, which required corrective surgery on his — already altered — schnozz. Also, his lupus caused hair loss, which led to him getting his eyebrows and lash lines tattooed on.



Yeah, but then why did he feel the need to color his skin white instead of brown? And have a dimple put in chin? And have his eyes done?

These doctors are just trying to avoid being sued.