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'Allure' Magazine's Not-So-Groundbreaking 'Investigation'

Illustration for article titled Allure Magazines Not-So-Groundbreaking Investigation

The perpetually-peeved blogger over at at Glossed Over — "Vanity, Vitriol and Fashion Magazines" — has done what we have not: Called out the new issue of Allure for its ridiculous (or, considering Lindsay Lohan's latest troubles, prescient!) article on the "star party scene" in Hollywood, that is. Specifically, the "Glossed Over" gal describes writer Mary A. Fischer's 2-page story as "[not] quite Pulitzer-worthy (duh!) "downright lazy" (yes!) and "barely restrained" (huh?), adding, "The article fails to break any ground whatsoever, attempting to stun us with... facts that should be patently obvious to anyone over the age of 16 who's ever watched one measly episode of Access Hollywood." We couldn't agree more!


But even more helpful than the "Glossed Over" blogger articulating exactly what we'd been thinking is her lovely roundup of the Tinseltown drunks and addicts who make anonymous appearances in the Allure article, including:

a beautiful young starlet
a model who, before she cleaned up her act, ran in these circles
one celebrity party girl
a film editor (We say: no one cares.)
a high-profile celebrity
a well-known celebrity and two of her friends


Whoever could these people be? (Besides Lindsay Lohan and/or Nicole Richie). Let us know in the comments.

Shocking Allure Investigation Reveals That Stars Take Drugs [Glossed Over]

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Who indeed? If you happen to be in Hollywood, or anywhere else these celeb factions hang out - just close your eyes and point.