Allure Features a Luminous Laverne Cox in Their Annual Nudes Issue

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Joined by Jordana Brewster, Nicole Beharie of Sleepy Hollow, Katheryn Winnick of Vikings and Sandrine Holt of Terminator Genisys, Laverne Cox is in Allure’s latest Nude issue in all her naked glory.


Last year’s issue was a bit of a snoozefest, but the purpose of Allure’s annual naked issue is an admirable one: to allow women to see themselves in a more romantic setting than naked women usually are in men’s magazines. While the other actresses look perfectly nice this year, Cox clearly shines above the rest, though she says she originally turned down their offer to appear.

“Even more then for me, I think for a lot of members of the various communities I represent—I am a black transgender woman—I thought this could be a really powerful thing for those communities that I represent,” she said in a behind the scenes video.

“Thanks to everyone at @allure magazine for making me feel so comfortable taking off my clothes for the camera for your May issue,” she added later on Instagram, before also sharing her appearance in Time’s 100.

It’s a good week to be Laverne.

Images via Norman Jean Roy/Allure


Yoga Nerd, Maybe Dead

I think Laverne is a queen. As in the regal sense of the word. As in YAAAS QUEEN

However, I’d love to hear some of the trans perspective on how often us cis folks praise her for her looks. I mean, its hard not to, since she’s so objectively gorgeous. I like to think its empowering, but are there also concerns about the sexualization of trans women? Obviously, its pretty unfair to Ms. Cox that I should bring this up under a post on her, because I don’t mean to direct it at her individually, it just sparked the question in my mind, so please consider my question a more general one, at not leveled at her individually. To me, she’s taking her own damn clothes off, and is embracing her sexuality on her own terms.

Of course, I would like to end by re-iterating