Allure Editor Defends Pushing Beauty Products That Don't Work

The documentary Youth Knows No Pain, which premiered on HBO last night, featured Allure editor-in-chief Linda Wells, who says it's OK that anti-aging creams don't do what they claim, since they make women feel better about losing their looks.

In the clip above - we'll be doing a much bigger post on the documentary itself later today - Wells says that even though Allure extensively tests the anti-aging products editors recommend, they may not necessarily do what readers want, or expect, them to. She explains:

If it makes you feel good and you feel like you've got some tiny bit of control over this process, what's the negative?


Aside from issues of false advertising and wasting your time and money on pointless beauty treatments, the young woman in the video below illustrates the real problem with magazines like Allure hawking these products every month:

We find it pretty sad that she's internalized Allure's message that you should fear wrinkles to the point that she worries about it every time she drinks. But according to Wells' logic, her pointless avoidance of straws and water bottles will actually make her feel great about staving off wrinkles... until she succumbs to the natural aging process anyway.

Youth Knows No Pain [Official Website]

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