Allison Williams Threw that Shade Right Back in Anna Wintour's Glasses

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Allison Williams attended a screening of the new Vogue documentary The First Monday in May dressed like deep space pirate captain at their first cotillion, but Anna Wintour’s attention has always been all on her husband, CollegeHumor founder Ricky van Veen.

According to Page Six, it was revealed that the guy who pisses Anna Wintour off in the trailer for the doc is clearly van Ween. Allison Williams agrees, because she tossed Wintour’s words right back at her in this Instagram post:


She writes:

At a screening of The First Monday in May last’s SO good. And I say that even though a certain someone supposedly gets shade for being on his phone too much...(*cough*HUSBAND*cough*)

She seems proud.

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I still find it incredible that Anna Wintour, a person who wears the most horrible outfits imaginable, is some bastion of what taste and style is. Her haircut hasn’t changed in decades, she wears the same makeup regardless of it being day or night and literally the only thing that changes on this husk of a human is vacillating between giant floral prints in spring (cue the Devil Wears Prade gifs) or black in fall. Add in the Kim and Kanye cover and the days of Vogue (U.S) mattering are over. Yeah, I fucking said it.