Another layer of the putrid, rotten onion that is the Penn State sex abuse scandal has been revealed: "Victim One," the first alleged victim of former coach Jerry Sandusky, was recently forced to leave his high school during his senior year because he couldn't endure any more bullying. The 17-year-old's psychologist says other students at Central Mountain High School in Pennsylvania were threatening the boy and calling him names. Unbelievably, they're incensed about the firing of former head coach Joe Paterno, and unfazed by by claims that a classmate was horribly abused.

The other victims are reportedly turning to each other for support because they're afraid that if they confide in other people their names will wind up in the media. The psychologist says Victim One is encouraged that other boys decided to stop keeping the abuse a secret after he came forward. "He feels good about that," he said. "That's the one good that's come of all this."