Remember Jeffrey Sinclair, the renowned army general who was charged with an insanely long list of sex crimes β€” including forcible sodomy and wrongful sexual conduct β€” back in September? His hearing started today, and it's going as expected (by us, at least): prosecutors are painting a picture of a powerful man who systematically oppressed a shit-ton of women and expected them to keep it quiet.

At the hearing today, U.S. Army prosecutors finally divulged details (they had previously kept them secret, since Sinclair was SUCH an super important man and therefore, apparently, deserved more privacy than your typical alleged sexual assaulter) about the rare criminal case β€” there have been only two other court-martial cases against Army generals in recent years. They alleged that Sinclair committed sex crimes against five women, including four military subordinates and a civilian, during 2007-2012 and in countries including Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany, as well as Fort Bragg and Fort Hood in Texas. It's like Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego, but with a high-ranking alleged rapist!

According to the AP, "In one case, prosecutors also said that Sinclair threatened one woman's career, as well as her life and the lives of her relatives, if she told anyone about his actions."


Sinclair's defense? His attorney "asked for the charges to be thrown out, arguing that prosecutors had read confidential emails between the general and his defense." Wow. If that's the best he can do, that kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it?

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