Not only is the 18-year-old charged with attacking a transgender woman at a Baltimore McDonald's no stranger to assault charges, she was arrested at the same restaurant less than a year ago.

Teonna Monae Brown was charged with two assault counts for allegedly assaulting Danielle Dower in July. The Smoking Gun reports:

In a handwritten police statement, Dower said that she had left the McDonald's with her two daughters when Brown confronted her, asking "Did you call me ugly?" Though Dower said she had not, Brown "kept trying to badger us." At one point, Dower said, the teenager "pushed me in the back." After Dower pushed back, Brown "took her fist and threw a punch to my face."

As the pair scuffled, Dower said, Brown hit her in the back with an umbrella and "pulled my wig off my head."

Saying that, "I wanted to get my kids to safety," Dower went with her children to a nearby shopping center. Brown and her friends, Dower added, followed behind.

As Dower called 911, two females grabbed her daughter by the hair and dragged the teenage girl across the floor. "I had to stop talking to the operator, get on top of my daughter and protect her while trying to fight off those girls," Dower stated.


The charges were later dropped at Dower's request. We've seen kids ejected from the ball pit for brawling, but apparently it takes more than one beating for an adult to get banned from McDonald's.

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