Remember Oneal Ron Morris, who was arrested for injecting a woman's butt with Fix-A-Flat? Well talk show host Cristina Saralegui had Morris's assistant Corey Eubanks on her show, and Eubanks ended up getting stabbed with a syringe. Yes, you can watch.


According to the Sun-Sentinel, while Morris actually performed the dangerous butt injections, Eubanks set them up and took some of the money. And when he went on Saralegui's show, one of the victim's moms rushed up from the audience, grabbed a syringe that was supposed to be for demonstration, and stabbed him in the head with it. Afterwards, he said, "My face has a mark on it and my head is killing me."

You can't exactly see the stabbing in the clip above, but you can hear the angry mom yelling, "you're a boy." As far as I can tell from news coverage, Eubanks identifies as a man, so this might not be the most effective insult, but it's probably transphobic in nature (Morris is trans). Which is too bad because the gender identity of the accused parties is totally irrelevant to the fact that you shouldn't put Fix-A-Flat in someone's butt. Eubanks and Morris have both plead not guilty — no charges have yet been filed against the syringe stabber.

Butt-injection suspect in confrontation at "Cristina" TV taping [Sun-Sentinel]
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