All those fans of teen abstinence education can suck it. New research shows that "adolescents who had sex at younger ages were less likely to end up delinquent than those who lost their virginity later." The study also showed that identical twins tend to lose their virginity at the same age, proving that there might be a genetic component to the age at which you give it up. Slate's resident science guy gets major points for the best one liner about the study, "Old advice: Pet your dog, not your date. New advice: Pop a cherry, not a cap." [Slate]


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@takeitasred: @Archetype: What the twin studies showed was not that you're genetically predisposed to have sex at age X, but that genetics push you towards being outgoing or risk-taking, or away from those things, which are qualities that could lead to you having sex at a certain time.

I phrased that horribly, but hopefully it kinda made sense.