The Trumps Are All Going to England to Meet the Queen

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The Trumps are going on a family trip! To England! To meet the Queen! Even Tiffany gets to go! Poor Queen, she can’t possibly want this.


Donald Trump is set to make a state visit to the U.K. on June 3, and according to CNBC, he plans to bring all four of his adult children, not just the one he wants to fuck and the one willing to get fucked. The trip will last three days, according to Buckingham Palace, and it’ll be jam-packed with fun family activities, like a meet-and-greet with soon-to-be departing Prime Minister Theresa May, which I’m sure will be a barrel of laughs, and an official welcome with the Queen, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker-Bowles.

(Do recall that the last time Trump met the royals, he walked in front of the Queen like a jackass. But I’m sure on this visit he’ll be a perfect gentleman, and only fake-trip her once.)

Indeed, like The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, Our Royals will get to meet all of Their Royals—per Buckingham Palace, Prince William and Kate Middleton are expected to attend a state banquet with Trump, and Prince Harry will join them for a “private lunch.”

Meghan Markle will not meet the Trumps, allegedly because she just gave birth, but also because she’s smart.

I can’t wait to hear about all the wacky hijinks the Trumps get into across the pond! How many photos do you think Eric will pose for “holding” Big Ben? Will Ivanka catch a sniffle and have to make use of the National Health Service? How many hours will Don Jr. spend trying to extort a Buckingham Palace guard? Is Tiffany really allowed on the trip? Stay tuned!



This just reinforces the belief, amongst themselves and the most deranged of their followers, that they’re the Royal Family of the United States.

Children that aren’t living in the White House shouldn’t be included in State visits.