Sonja Morgan is an amazing gift to the Housewives franchise. Over-sexed and boozy with a disregard for panties and the fact that everything she's doing is being filmed, she made the ladies' trip to Morocco worth watching. In fact if she wasn't there being a drunk mess what would the brunettes have to talk about? Was anyone else confused as to why they were so offended that the blondes didn't want to eat lunch with them? Here they are, talking shit about them the entire time—bitching about their demands, their sexy clothes, gossiping about what plastic surgery Ramona's had and how Sonja's Upper East Side townhouse is "gross," how the two are so embarrassing—and then getting mad that they didn't want to spend time with them. (BTW, as if Kelly Bensimon can even talk about living in an ex-husband's house/homes. Also, Cindy's shaping up to a be a real bummer of a cast member, huh? You'd think it'd be harder to offend someone who makes their money by gluing rhinestones to women's vulvas.) The brunettes should've been happy; Sonja and Ramona's absence made trash-talking a lot easier. But we digress! In this clip, let's just celebrate the magic that is Sonja.