All the Single Ladies Hate Romney, Love Obama

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While Mitt Romney may have a well-established problem wooing women voters—his wife, excluded—it appears when you break it down that it's actually the single ladies he's striking out with. And he's not doing very well with single men either. The one group he is doing okay with? The marrieds.


A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that with married women, Romney enjoys a three-point lead over President Obama. Among married men, Romney has a whopping 13-point advantage. But when you look only at single people, things go downhill fast for Mittens. An amazing 64 percent of single women prefer Obama, while just 28 percent support Romney, and single men fall for Obama 56 percent to 33 percent.


It makes sense, given that those who have opted to marry might be more conservative, and many of them are probably also older—two things which would be enough to give Romney an edge. While many singles would be younger and probably more liberal in their views on social issues especially, which would lead them to Obamaland.

The fact that married couples are now in the minority doesn't bode too well for Romney's plan to take the election. If he really wants to capture the single lady vote, he might want to stop trying to control their bodies, listen to some actual single ladies (as opposed to his obviously married wife), and brush up on his version of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

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Who will conservative politicians pander to when the majority of voters become non-married parents who aren't particularly pious? Oh, and are brown. Aren't we headed that way as a nation?