All the freaking out about the "boy crisis " in public schools, i.e. the notion that boys are under-performing academically, is apparently over nothing: a new study reports that "both sexes have stayed the same or improved on standardized tests in the past decade," according to the Washington Post. The conclusions made by the American Association of University Women, which analyzed data from the past forty years, are that girls score higher on reading assessments but that the gap is narrowing; boys generally do better on math tests, a gender gap that has remained constant; and students from low-income families ($37,000 or less) do the worst on standardized tests, regardless of gender. However, girls still have higher GPAs, and 57% of bachelor degrees earned since 1982 have been awarded to women. Men continue to out earn women though — regardless of race or class. That superior GPA is doing us a lot of good in the workplace! [Washington Post]