I have never been so glad not to have been at an event as I was looking at "Arizona Beverages & Music Unites All Points West" celebration at NYC's The Cooper Square Hotel. Five words: models, indie rockers, scenesters, hell.

This event kinda felt like some kind of hideous Nero-fiddling end of days scenario worthy of Hieronymous Bosch. (And yes, that's mixing metaphors.) I mean, wouldn't Daisy Lowe's cut-offs have been bad enough in their long incarnation?

Everyone knows Adam Green is whimsical. But just in case you didn't, here he is making deer antlers while wearing skin-tight sky-blue skinny jeans and a pair of pointy-toed Oxfords.


Even Karolina Kurkova has adopted the "hellish" dress code: she apparently skinned Snuffaluffagus to make her coat.


Richie Rich, at least, is true to "sinister mime" form.

Micah Jesse says "fuck you" to L.A. but he's saying "Peace" to L.A., too. I'm confused.


Look, I like Peter, Bjorn and John too, but is Michelle Edgar weirded out by Peter Moren's sweaty shirt? And is he weirded out by the fact that he shares a name with one of the founders of the Catholic Worker? Not that I'm saying he should be.


Aaaaaand...here it is. Mischa Barton's DIY Spider Woman.

I thought you needed to see that again.

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