Lena Dunham's official book tour t-shirt is a pink little number that reads "LENA <3 PLANNED PARENTHOOD" in that awesome '70s book club font (shout out Elizabeth Olsen and Teddy Blanks). Last night, in advance of the November election, Dunham embarked upon an Instagramming spree showing her famous friends wearing said t-shirts, which benefit Planned Parenthood.

Tagged with #womenarewatching and #weheartplannedparenthood, the Instas worked as PP solidarity, merch promo and a cool way to know if your fave star reps the righteous org. No huge surprises here, but some awesome flicks ensued.

Gabrielle Union


Rashida Jones [also, who's the dude?]

America Ferrera <3

At this point, I'm wondering, though, why you'd wanna wear a t-shirt advertising someone else's devotion to Planned Parenthood if, in fact, you too love Planned Parenthood? Wouldn't you just want an "I<3Planned Parenthood" shirt, or at least one that had a "_______<3 Planned Parenthood" so you could sharpie in your name? Seems like a personal misstep in brand building.


But maybe I'm reading it wrong—maybe wearing it just means you love both Lena Dunham AND Planned Parenthood, not necessarily that you're advertising but Lena loves PP. Regardless, if you're a small town teen and you love PP but can't tell your parents, it's a good way to deflect: "UGGHHH DADDD. [alternately: UGHHHH, PASTOR BROWN,] I'm saying that LENA loves Planned Parenthood. GOD!" [deflective door slam]

Also, if you can't afford this shirt or wanna put your own name/signature on it, just no-duh DIY it with a simple thrifted T and a Sharpie. Or a puffy paint pen, whatever you so desire.



Mindy Kaling


Sara Bareilles

Leslie Mann, with the ole ball and chain Judd Apatow, and their daughter Iris


Janet Mock

Ellen Page


Tegan and Sara's Sara Quin

Jemima Kirke and her seeds


Jenna Lyons

Amy Schumer



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