All Is Not Communal on the Set of Community

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According to some rumors floating around the Sargasso Sea of the internet that is Reddit and a leaked voicemail message that sounds suspiciously like Clarke Griswold getting his mustard up after Cousin Eddie ruins his family vacation, a feud has been brewing between Community creator Dan Harmon and notorious Hollywood diva Chevy Chase. The NBC comedy, which recently returned in force after a long and uncertain hiatus, has recently become the battleground for Harmon and Chase, who've been hurling profane barbs at one another ever since sources say Chase walked off the set last month during the final day of shooting without filming one of his scenes, which was a biggie since the scene supposedly closed out the season finale. Later, at a party (with Chase's wife and daughter in attendance), Harmon gave a speech marked by a refrain of "Fuck you, Chevy," which he encouraged others to repeat in rousing campfire sing-a-long tradition. Unsurprisingly, Chevy Chase — actor, comedian, and Maryland hamlet — stormed out of the party, calling Harmon later to leave a nasty voicemail, in which he explains between bad words that he left the set in the first place because he didn't have the script, but even if he'd had it, he didn't think it was funny enough for Chevy Chase's silver-tongue.


Nobody, as far as Deadline's Nellie Andreeva was able to figure out, is too surprised by the feud, though, because both Chase and Harmon have reputations for being truculent and Chase is a notoriously difficult presence on set. As for the star-crossed Community, the show's producers are now focused on getting a fourth season renewal, which is essential to the series' syndication prospects, so if, ten years from now, you're unable to watch reruns of Community in your pajamas, you can probably have Chevy Chase and his deadpan face to blame. [Deadline]

  • Kevin McGuire, the high school senior from Stratford, N.J. who petitioned Taylor Swift on Facebook to "take Kevin McGuire to the prom," will not be able to attend the American Country Music Awards with the singer after being hospitalized with a 103-degree fever. Earlier in the week, McGuire had undergone five days of chemotherapy and radiation. Swift had declined the prom invitation because it probably sounded like a boring time and she's a busy woman, but instead invited McGuire to the Las Vegas ACM Awards in lieu of a series of awkward slow dances. On Saturday, Swift tweeted the sad news that McGuire couldn't make it: "He's not well enough to join me at the ACMs. Please keep him in your thoughts. I'll make it up to you, Kevin!" According to USA Today, McGuire's mother said that her son remained in high spirits, having said, "Well, how many people get to say they turned down Taylor Swift?" [CMT]
  • Dastardly talk show host Keith Olbermann had been plotting to leave Current TV for quite some time, in large part because he felt that the network was a "ragtag" organization. Want proof? Keith Olbermann will give you proof! Exhibit A — an office-wide email in which it is revealed that one of the office's printers is out of toner and no one knows when there will be more toner. Jesus, it's worse than we could have ever imagined over at Current — good luck, Eliot Spitzer. Maybe you should bring your own office supplies. [TMZ]
  • If you want to see Mark Wahlberg's muscular torso, your best bet is to watch Fear, which was filmed back when the pants-dropping boy band sensation was sleek, like an ocelot. If you don't have the patience for a whole movie, though, you could look at this picture of an older, more swollen Wahlberg rocking a pair of salmon-colored shorts, and iPod, and a "bad motherfucker" expression. This older Wahlberg seems more like a feted lion with a strange sense of fitness fashion. R.I.P., ocelot Mark Wahlberg — time erases all things. [Us]
  • But why dwell on heartthrobs past when the future boasts a more self-effacing breed of attractive male celebrities, such as condom-fumbling Zac Efron, who doesn't even think he's that heartthrobby. Talking to Us Magazine, Efron said, "I can't explain to you what it's like to be a heartthrob, [because] I don't think I am a heartthrob. I hate [that word]. I hate it. It follows you around, but you don't deserve it. It's like, 'Why?'" That existential question, Zac, could be best answered by your publicist. [Us]
  • Nadya Suleman has been fielding threatening phone calls ever since news broke that the mother of 14 was going on welfare. Apparently, some California residents can't stomach the idea of Suleman receiving their hard-earned taxes, and bravo to them for being so socially mindful. I'm sure these same entirely self-reliant people only drive on the parts of the freeway they paid for and called the governor's when Arnold Schwarzenegger was in office to keep a tally on each one of the taxpayer-funded cigars the Governator chomped on. It's not all negative for Suleman, though — some callers have voiced their support for her because they understand how difficult being a mother of one, let alone 14 kids can be. [TMZ]
  • Lisa Robin Kelly, the woman who played Eric Foreman's promiscuous sister on That 70s Show, was arrested on a felony charge of corporal injury on a spouse. She is being held by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department on $50,000 bail, but rest assured — she's Red Foreman's favorite child and he'll no doubt come up with bail money. [TMZ]
  • Thirteen items of Whitney Houston memorabilia were sold at an auction in Beverly Hills yesterday for a total of $80,187. Included in that tally was a bustier worn onstage by Houston that sold to some adoring fan or rapacious collector of creepy celebrity paraphernalia for $18,750. [CBS]
  • Bad news, Limp Bizkit fans — despite the band's signing a new deal with Cash Money Records, Fred Durst is reportedly trying to fire two of his bandmates, which means that our eardrums may never again hear the sonorous melodies of Limp Bizkit's instruments. [TMZ]
  • The Queen has personally invited Daniel Craig to pretend he's James Bond when he opens the 2012 London Olympics. [The Sun]
  • Who got slimed at the Kids' Choice Awards last night? Definitely not Mark Summers because he'd freak out, but both Halle Berry and Chris Colfer were drenched with a substance whose true composition (if they're putting pink slime in burgers, anyway) we should all think long and hard about before sanctioning this sort of wanton sludge-flinging. [People]
  • Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck hold hands while they run errands, so you know they're really in love and not just faking it for publicity like Kermit and Miss Piggy. [Us]

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Nadya Sueleman ponied up the money for IVF, has umpteen billion kids despite her doctor's advice, is now going on welfare, and people who call her to harass her are the assholes in this story? It's probably only a matter of time before the kids get taken away from her. If you're going to have a ton of kids, you need to space them out so you can raise them well and then they can assist you in rearing the younger ones. I know she's got two posses of kids and the first will presumably assist with the second, however, those 6 older children don't have the benefit of having received individualized attention from Sueleman, if even only for a short period of time. Instead, they've received one sixth of her attention up until the time the second litter was born, from which they now only receive one fourteenth of her attention.

Nadya has poor decision making skills as evidenced by the fact she opted to spend tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments when she did not have a means to financially care for the children. It's also insane to choose to go ahead and carry 6-8 fetuses at a time. I'd give her a pass on that except for the fact that she's demonstrated she's an insane egomaniac who will do anything for attention.