All I Got For Christmas Was This Stupid Abortion Protest

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Okay people, it's not puppytime just yet. There's been a series of anti-abortion mishaps out west this month. On December 6 in Albuquerque, abortion provider Dr. Curtis Boyd's clinic was destroyed by arsonists, reports the New York Times. This past Tuesday, two other abortion centers in the New Mexico city were seriously ravaged by fires. Police have arrested two 22-year-old men, Chad Altman and Sergio Baca, on suspicion of arson. Outside of Denver, paternalistic protesters are picketing outside the homes of contractors who agreed to work on a new Planned Parenthood building. Even on Christmas morning these jerks planned to show up outside the contractors homes to picket with signs of dead babies. What a truly Christian gesture!

Head protester Will Duffy went on Denver's local Fox morning show to speak out against anyone even remotely involved with Planned Parenthood, right down to the cleaning ladies and contractors. They all deserve to be picketed, he said, because they are helping PP "rip the arms and legs off unborn children." Uh, what? I'm pretty sure they don't do that. Fox also interviews Vic Barta, whose Denver Security Services were hired to protect the Planned Parenthood lot from security breaches. Barta has since abandoned the lucrative contract because the protesters outside his house scared his 14-year-old child. Vicky Coward of Colorado Planned Parenthood puts it pretty succinctly: the protesters "say they're pro-family, but they're really terrifying families and communities."


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@habibi: I'm not saying that all the protesters outside of PP are against birth control. They are, quite obviously, protesting the abortions that are performed there. But the fact remains that they are being angry and inflammatory and scary outside a clinic that offers much more birth control than it does abortion. (I know if there had been yelling adults outside PP the first time I went for BC, I would have been frightened off. But I still would have had sex because that's what teenagers do.) And I was responding specifically to lalaland's comment about the desire of many anti-choicers to get rid of PP altogether. There seems to be a logic gap there, is what I'm saying.