Congratulations to husky-voiced crooner Selena Gomez, who we may now all refer to—at least for the time being—as Queen of Instagram. As of today she boasts a whopping 69.4 million followers. Accomplishments!

As E! Online reports, Gomez just barely scrapes by her pal, Professional Best Friend Taylor Swift, who at present has 69.2 Instagram followers. She also claims this illustrious achievement despite formidable competitors Kim Kardashian (63.7 million), Beyoncé (63 million), and ex-lover Justin Bieber (61.6 million)

What’s her secret to success, I wonder? Is it the fetching way she drinks her iced coffee?

Perhaps it’s her willingness to explore humanity’s darkest corners. (Do you see his yellow toes? I had never before noticed those horrid Barney feet!)


Or maybe Instagrammers were charmed by this admittedly very sweet “now and then” photo pairing of Gomez and T-Swifty.


Of course, there’s always the off-chance that she earned her title by being extremely gorgeous. One can never be sure, though.

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