About 10 years ago, HBO's Real Sex series introduced us to Real Dolls, incredibly detailed, finely crafted lifelike dolls made of fleshy silicone rubber. At the time, they just seemed like extravagant sex toys (really extravagant—they're about $6500 a pop), but a decade later, it turns out that these dolls have become so much more than cum-holes to the owners that use them. For many lonely, socially-challenged guys, Real Dolls are the companions that we (real women) could never possibly be—mainly because, well, we wouldn't fucking want to. The British documentary Guys and Dolls (which we heard about via this post) gives us a peak into the world of make-believe that these men have constructed to battle loneliness. In the clip-show we created above (kinda NSFW!), we meet some of them, including Davecat, who's always preferred "synthetic humans" to "organic" ones; and Gordon, who cherishes the bonds he forms with objects like dolls and his tech nine. After you watch, we think you'll come to the conclusion that perhaps it's a good thing that these guys don't subject any real women to their bullshit hangups... or gun collections.

Real Dolls, Real Creepy [Feministing]

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