Maybe we're just jealous cause we can't aim our DNA at anyone's face, but we think sperm are kind of disgusting. (Hey, we've spent the entirety of our adult lives trying to thwart or kill the little fuckers; what do you expect us to say?). However, our favorite New York Times science-but-really-sex-writer Natalie Angier disagrees! In today's paper, Angier pens a <a href="">veritable love letter to sperm โ€” for Father's Day, no less, because, yeah, our dads at some point generated some jizz! Anyway, in the course of her 1135-word article, Angier uses the following phrases to describe both sperm and the ballsacks they reside in:

* "single-minded cellular commas"

* "they glide, slither, bumble and do figure-eights"

* "cute as tadpoles"

* "chubby teardrop heads and stylish, tapering tails"


* "sperm bakery" (Oh yes!)


The point of the story? There isn't one, really, except to remind us of the fact that men have ever so much sperm โ€” Factoid: 12 trillion in a lifetime! โ€” which explains, well, why so many guys seem so intent on wasting theirs, in so many different ways, and idea which generates precisely the images our dads would be so touched to know were winding their ways (sperm-like!) through our heads while shopping for that classy tie. Happy Father's Day, everyone!

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